Further generous help!


Catalogues of antique dealer material, from the 1950s and 1960s.

Our very generous Antique Dealer project supporters continue to send us antique dealer ephemera – thanks again to Tim Turner at Sworders Auctioneers  and to Jacqueline and her son George, for passing on another parcel of ephemera – these resources are crucial for the continuing developments in the research for the Antique Dealers project. The material that Tim passed to us included a selection of Antique Fair catalogues from the 1950s and 1960s, and two very interesting antique dealer sales catalogues. One of the catalogues was from the well-known dealer Margery Dean, of Wivenhoe in Essex – the catalogue is undated but appears to be from the late 1950s?

The other catalogue was a much more interesting, and much rarer, example, produced by the dealers W. & E. Thornton-Smith, and dating from c.1910.


W. & E. Thornton-Smith catalogue, c.1910.

Indeed, the Thornton-Smith catalogue deserves a separate, and fuller, blog entry, and I’ll compose that shortly.  Once again we have to thank our generous supporters at Sworders Auctioneers…thank you Tim and all…your contributions have again been most welcome, as we continue to build what we hope will become the National Centre for the Study of the Antique Trade here at the University of Leeds.

Do watch out for the forthcoming Thornton-Smith blog entry…




3 Comments to “Further generous help!”

  1. Hello Mark, thanks for posting your Thornton-Smith article. I am researching for a book about the Canadian Pacific Railway Company’s early Empresses. Interior design proposals for the 1913 pair Empress of Russia and Empress of Asia were supplied by Thorton-Smith – to the designs of George A. Crawley. I was curious about how and when that relationship began. And I was wondering if the Tudor Smoking Room aboard the 1913 Hapag liner Imperator (supplied by Thorton-Smith) was not also designed by George A. Crawley…thinking that Arthur Davis (partnered with Mewes) would certainly have known of and appreciated Crawley’s talent. Also, the smoking room on the 1914 Aquitania was overseen by Thorton-Smith, and again I wonder if George Crawley didn’t have a guiding hand. Can you imagine how I might best follow this trail of inquiry? I’d be very grateful for some advice. Cheers, and thanks again, Milo Hicks, Vancouver, BC

    • Hi Milo,

      so sorry for the delayed response – been busy, busy with the Bowes Museum exhibition last couple of weeks. I’m afraid I’m also not going to be much help? I guess the lines of enquiry could involve investigation of the recent V&A exhibition on Ocean Liners?…the catalogue for the exhibition might have some leads?….sorry I’m not much help!
      Kindest regards

  2. Thank Mark, talk about delayed rsponse – just saw yours. Much appreciated, Milo

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