Welcome to the Antique Dealers Project Blog.

The Blog focuses on the history of antique dealing in the 19th, 20th & 21st centuries, primarily in Britain.  The Blog developed out of  an AHRC-funded research project ‘Antique Dealers: the British Antique Trade in the 20th Century, a cultural geography based at the University of Leeds.  Antique Dealers started in September 2013 and ran for 32 months, concluding in April 2016. A further AHRC-funded project ‘Sold! The Year of the Dealer‘ followed in 2019, running until 2023.

The research project is continuing at the University of Leeds and there is now a dedicated website showcasing the wide range of initiatives that continue to evolve in the project – see Antique Dealers – University of Leeds. We have the help of a small army of volunteers who constantly assist and facilitate the project.  If you would like to be involved in the project or have information on the history of antique dealing please do email us at antiquedealers@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Mark Westgarth (Project Lead)

9 Comments to “About”

  1. Hi there,

    I was researching several magazines I have from the 1920’s and your blog was the only thing I could find. The magazine is called “Bazaar, the ideal weekly for connoisseurs and collectors”. Do you know anything about it?


    Michael O’Boyle

    • Hi Michael,
      many thanks for the message – I’m afraid I don’t know very much about the magazine ‘Bazaar’, other than it seems to have ben quite short-lived – there were quite a few publications in the period 1900-1920 that addressed themselves to collectors of ‘antiques’, alongside the more well-known publications such as ‘Connoisseur’ etc….If I do find out anything more I’ll certainly email you. Thanks for following the Blog!

  2. Advertisement in programme for The Garrick Theatre 1924. There is an advertisement for Thornton Smith’s house in this programme. It includes a wonderfully stylised drawing in which there is a wide-eyed “woman” who appears to be wearing a burqa.

  3. Jeff Greenwood here, from Australia 1863 when our boys came out in search of gold fortune in their cabins of a Greens Ship. In 1984 I was in York visiting and called by the Greenwood Antiques in the walled City of the Cathederal. On the glass by the door, hung a black and white Photo of Queen Victoria just leaving the shop. Since my visit, I have traced our name to 1154 in Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire. I had taken a photo of the façade of the large premises of the Antique Store in the narrow streets of the walled city. A beautiful place stirring genetic memories and love for Britain in me -most noticeably.
    Do you know if there is any place where I could procure a copy of the Photo of the Royal Patronage of the Greenwood Store that hung on the front window?
    King George III also attended the Greenwood Property Sloe House in 1815 where a celebration of the winning of the Battle of Waterloo for London was held. Remarkably, a Colne River also flowed through Halstead as it did/does through Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire. Thanks, Jeff ..recently retired to pursue scientific studies

    • Hello Jeff,
      thank you for the comment – and good to hear that you are tracking down the genealogy of the Greenwood families. I’m afraid that Greenwood & Sons no longer exist (as far as I know) – and I’m not sure how you might get a copy of the Royal Patronage photo – you could try the Yorkshire Evening Post..I guess they must have had a photographer at the event..and indeed it may be a Yorkshire Post image?…
      Kindest regards

  4. Sam Wolsley and an oak chest in Stisted Church Essex He was a north London antiquarian. Any clues? He specalized in old English oak.

  5. looking for information about the chest in The Stisted Church. it has 6? locks?

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