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March 23, 2014

Phillips of Hitchin – more images of dealer shops

In anticipation of my visit tomorrow to speak to Jerome Phillips, of Phillips of Hitchin – (founded by Jerome’s grandfather Frederick William Phillips in 1884) I thought I’d post an image of the interior of Phillips’ ‘shop’….The Manor House, Hitchin….


….which they have occupied since the 1880s – this photograph dates from c.1910. Phillips had (still have) the advantage of course of being able to display their antique furniture etc in an appropriately historic setting. In the early decades of the 20th century such strategies also keyed into the increasing numbers of publications on historic houses (Muthesius etc) and furniture history (Macquiod, Edwards, Cescinsky etc etc) and the fashion for recreated interiors. Indeed F.W. Phillips could not only furnish your home with appropriate antiques, they could also build an ‘antique’ home for you…as this advertisement from c.1910 suggests…


…as the caption states…’A modern house built by Messrs Phillips from old materials. Estimates for this half-timber work maybe be had on application…’……A very ‘Modern Antique’.


March 15, 2014

More photographs of dealer shops

Following the last blog entry on images of dealer shops I found some more photographs of R.W. Partridge’s shop in St. James’s Street, London.  They really do give a flavour of the ways in which antiques were displayed (in the top market London trade at least) in the opening decades of the 20th century. Here’s the ‘Interior of the shop’: Image

Still quite a crowded space….and here’s the ‘Second Floor Gallery’: Image

Which illustrates the range of art and antiques offered for sale.  And the ‘Top Red Gallery’: Image

I assume it was the ‘red’ gallery because the wallpaper was red?….As part of the project we are assembling an image database of dealer’s shops, interiors and exteriors, they provide such a fascinating picture of the changing fashioning in displaying, selling and marketing antiques over the course of the 20th century.


March 9, 2014

Images of dealer shops

We’re compiling a database of images of dealer shops…interior and exterior photographs. Here’s an example of the interior of R.W. Partridge’s shop at 19 St James’s Street, London, in c.1910.  It was, interestingly, called ‘Chippendale Gallery’…it looks rather stacked out…..Image

…..a bit like a warehouse, rather than a swish emporium in St. James’s…..!

The images (subject to any copyright restrictions of course) will be archived in the interactive project website…so if you do come across any images of dealer shops (especially prior to the 1950s) do send them on to us at

Make sure you send all associated information with any images though (date, name of dealer, location etc etc)…


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